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The purpose for IPAS


IPAS was developed to fulfill most accrediting agencies quality requirements as it pertains to K-12, higher education  and vocational training.  With IPAS ease of this quality requirements fulfillment  occurs within the normal process of the instructors' general job functions of teaching, evaluating and reporting.

It is a known fact that most of the faculty at the universities albeit private or public, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia come from all over the world.  They come to teach and they bring with them various teaching strategies, methods, and processes for delivery course content.

IPAS unifies the diverse faculty under a single teaching structure that use constant collaboration to spot potential problems in the process delivering course content before occurring.

IPAS provide a full view of faculty performance in the classroom....where is matters most.

IPAS gives the instructor a clear lesson plan or "playbook" of what must be covered in the course within each selected chapter.

From the Chairman, program and course coordinators', and instructor's perspective, IPAS answers the following questions:

1.         How well am I performing compared to other instructors teaching the same course currently and in the past?

2.         Am I on schedule to cover all the course intended learning outcomes (ILOs) by the semester end?

3.         How do my students view the course so far?

4.         How well are the students performing in their respective programs?

5.         Which instructors are performing below, at, or above standards set by past instructors?

6.         Does the student view of the course or program correlate with the instructor's ILO post results?

7.         How can we improve in certain courses and the program from an ILO perspective?

8.         Do the course and program ILOs correlate to the labor market?

"With IPAS  there is no more teaching in the dark."

IPAS Benefits and Features

1.         Ease of tracking intended learning outcomes (ILOs) performance.

2.         Ease of reporting target outcomes. IPAS calculates the target outcome based on prior instructors grade distribution and makes an adjustment based on number of students currently enrolled in the course.

3.         Ease of tracking and reporting KPIs.

4.         Built-in course file repository and indexing of quality required documents.  No more storing prior semesters course files in a closet....wasting millions of SARs on copy paper, notebooks, and space.

5.         Add or remove program and course ILOs on the fly while keeping a records of changes.

6.         Built-in hierarchy and row-line security simultaneously.  Quality evaluators no longer need to spend time visiting colleges for quality inspections...they can login in and gain access to course files documents, KPIs, course and program reports from their offices at anytime.

7.         Built-in audit trail of users session activities.

8.         Built-in on the spot email collaboration system with instance snapshot as attachment.

9.         Built-in adhoc reports and dashboard.

10.   Integrated Course, Student, and Program evaluation surveys for immediate analysis (Arabic and English).

11.   Built-in course and program annual report templates that link IPAS user input into the correct places.  No need to manually create course, programs, KPIs, or corrective action reports.

12.   Built-in repository for storing the following documents:

a.          Academic Reference Standards

b.          Program and Course Specifications.

c.          Mission statement

d.         Course Reports

e.          Program Annual Report (to included evidences.)

f.            Self Assessment and self Study Reports and evidences.

13.   User registration system

14.   Export to CSV/HTML/Excel/Word/XML/PDF/Email

15.   File uploading to database or folder

16.   Master/Detail-Add/Edit/View

17.   Complete user registration system with optional user activation, password expiry, failed and concurrent login control.

18.   Arabic / English built-in instances

19.   MD5 and case-sensitive password.

20.   Mobile responsive.  IPAS can be accessed via your mobile.


Many more features scheduled to be released in the Fall 2017.